Saturday, March 14, 2015


I haven't had a chance to post this up from my last game.  BT and I played his 30k Emperors Children vs. my 40k Necrons and their brand new codex.  Unfortunately, its been a few weeks so I don't remember the gory details.  First, a few things stand out, the new Necrons are tough!  I ran the decurian detachment and it made my base troops very hard to kill (so hard).  Essentially I just stood there and slowly ground BT's troops down, but I just didn't have enough killing power to seal the deal.  At the end of the day BT won on objectives.  His damn bike squad is just beastly!  I remember wishing I had been a bit more aggressive to start...but beyond that I don't remember much.  Tom did a good job of eliminating my ability to shoot early on by tying me up in assault.  Overall the game was a blast, I like those objective cards the more I use them.  My only complaint about the new necron codex is I don't know why I would ever take anything besides the decurian detachment...its just too good.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

For BT...

It’s been a looooong time since anything was posted here, but I was able to actually play a game so I figured I had more than 141 characters worth of thought.

BT stopped by and we played with our plastic/resin men.  It was a game of firsts, my first game of 7th (as sad as that seems) and my first game of 30k (again, another sad statistic based on the amount of time and energy I’ve put into my models in the past year).  My pre-game impressions of 30k were that a). it would be quicker and deadlier and b). it would be more a more balanced game than 40k.  One game isn’t exactly a fair test of these theories, but it seems like they held fairly true.  On paper the balance is much stronger since everyone is drawing from the same base list, it’s the rites of war and legion specific units that add spice.  I would guess that BT agrees with the deadlier part.  Our game only lasted till turn 3 when it became apparent that he just couldn’t capture enough of the objectives to turn the tide.

My deployment
While I won’t get crazy with the details, here’s a quick overview.  We played 2000 points, I played Death Guard, BT took his Emperors Children.  We set up 6 mysterious objectives and used the tactical objective cards.  Each of us started on two objectives with two more objectives in the middle of the table (we played short side deployment, I have no idea what its called now).

Tactical Squads holding tactical objectives...tactically.

BT’s army was a mix of tactical squads for objective holding and a gigantic bike squad that contained no less than 43 HQ choices.  For my Death Guard I took some tactical squads and support units, a contemptor, a few tanks and a big squad of Grave Wardens with Typhon.  My tactics were simple and death guardy.  I would slowly advance on the middle objectives while shooting the piss out of BT’s tactical squads.  My rite of war was my style, the reaping, a slow, unrelenting advance.  My tact squads stayed back and held the objectives while everything else moved forward in a big line.

my slow advance

The Sicaran distributed large amounts of "pew-pew"

Things pretty much went 100% my way.  BT lacked long range shooting which allowed me to nearly eliminate 1 of his squads and hamper a few others in the 2 turns of shooting I got in before our lines clashed.  On top of that I got a decent hand of tactical objective cards and it helped swing the game in my favor even more.  The game took a turn when my Grave Wardens were able to destroy a tactical squad in one turn and in the next hold back BT’s giant bike unit.  The bike unit  (the one with 2 praetors, 7 stylists, a photographer, 17 librarians and a few apothecaries) did lots of damage and hit like a brick but it couldn’t crack my terminators 2+ save.  After two rounds of combat and despite losing half the Grave Wardens (and Typhon) the bikers broke from combat.  That gave me 4 objectives to BT’s 2, by then it was apparent that BT had lost too much ground and far too many fancy-pants purple armored warriors (perfect my ass!). 

My Grave Wardens vs. the Tactical Squad


Grave Wardens vs. Bikers

My main take away from the game was the tactical objective cards and how they function.  They make 7th edition a totally different game and are a blast.  I’m really anxious to try a few mores games with them (and see how my Necrons work in the new edition with their new codex).

Making a list and playing a game of 30k has made me realize a few shortcomings in my collection.  I still need more tactical marines, just a few to flesh out some units but it seems that having at least 30 tactical marines is where you want to be.  I could also use some more sergeant type guys armed differently, currently I just have two, that’s not going to cut it.  All in all it was a great game and really got my appetite wet to try some more games of 30k…not just because I have about 6000 points of pre-heresy Death Guard fully painted. 

My Death, I don't have a problem, why do you ask?

Speaking of painting, I’m still working hard at it.  I’ve gotten into a rhythm of painting most mornings for about 30-40 minutes before I head into work.  That has allowed me to average around 1 completed unit every 2-3 weeks.  Currently I’m working on some Mechanicum forces to go with my Death Guard.  In addition I’ve been tempted to try my hand a painting a few different legion colors for fun, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  I will try a test model of Emperors Children for BT, but no promises, purple is a tough color.   Besides that, I’ve got a few Necron models to finish up and now that Tomb Blades are actually useful I’m more motivated to try and paint them.  That should do it…maybe if I get some more games in I make another post in 6 more months.

Saturday, October 04, 2014


With the lack of games played and zero drive to make long winded posts I am going to change this blog up a bit.  Until I feel the need to be more verbose I will be no longer updating this page.  Sorry, BT and the 2 other random people who view this blog per month.  I am however taking a lot of pictures of painting projects, and with the HPC ending those projects will become more diverse.  With that in mind I will start using my twitter to post those pics and updates.  It's just a lot easier to update and less clunky than blogger.  So goodbye internet of the 90's and hello internet of 2010.  Don't worry BT, you don't need an actual twitter account to look at my updates.  Anywho...follow me @ministerofpork on twitter.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Nagash and Fire Raptor

Here are a few quick shots of the stuff I finished this week.  First, here is Nagash all done up and ready to party in the apoc game I'll never play in...

Next, here is my Fire Raptor...the final model I needed to complete the HPC.  I'm going to try and paint Mortarion in the next few weeks and then get some pics of all the stuff I did for the challenge and all the bonus Death Guard stuff I did.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nagash 2

So I finished my Sternguard (see pic below) and I've been working on Nagash some more.  Here are some progress pics, I got his armor done and the gold work around the armor.  Next up is the silver bits.

Sternguard with various combi weapons

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Nagash is the reason I started playing with plastic men.  Originally I got the old Undead army book for Fantasy for some background info for a Warhammer Fantasy RPG I was running.  The amount of story and fluff in that old book got me hooked.  It started with just getting a few models to paint (first amongst those was Nagash who was the coolest character in the book by far) and then before you knew it I had an undead army...and then a high elf army, then a skaven army and then a Vampire Counts army and then I got into 40k and got a nurgle army, and then a tyrannid army and then I stopped caring about little soldiers for 6 years.

So with the new Nagash End Times stuff out for Fantasy I picked up the book.  I would love to see GW go this direction with 40k...not necessarily moving the story towards the end of existence (which wouldn't be bad) but a cool narrative campaign book with new units, army formations and models.  This book is essentially GW doing their Forge World impression and its damn good.  300 pages of fluff and 100 pages of rules, its pretty great.  If you're not into undead then maybe this wouldn't be a great purchase, but I'm loving it.

I also got the Nagash model.  Although part of me wants to paint up an army similar to what I used to have I don't think thats in the cards.  I would love to paint all the characters, monsters and weird undead constructs but I have no desire to paint 100 zombies or skeletons.  I have the same problem with my other Fantasy love, Skaven.  So many cool characters and crazy units but painting 100 clan rats?  Probably not going to happen.

Anyway, I got the Nagash model for two reasons, one nostalgia, and two with some minor changes I think he will make a much better C'tan for my Necrons then the current Dr. Manhattan one they have now.  This guy will take some time (its a huge model) so I'll post some progress pics as I go forward on this project.

First off, here is a pic of my old Nagash model circa 2005?  The picture is awful and the paint job is hideous...but so was the model.

Here's the first pic of my new one.  Originally I was going to add a bunch of necron bits to him to make him look a touch more futuristic, but as I assembled the model I saw there was just too much detail that I didn't want to fuck with.  So instead, I just removed the overtly fantasy elements of the model (like the books and giant hat).  My goal is to paint him similar to the GW C'tan (all glowy green).

assembled, primed black, and then airbrushed up to white the parts that I want to glow

After the base coating, my first task was to get the robe black and then dry brush a little bit of green on it and gradually increase the green until I got to the white spirit parts, then I switched to washing with green and yellow to blend it together.

dry brush/green highlights complete and first green wash

I did some more green washing after this, but the desired effect is taking place

Adding some yellow helped give the spirits depth.  After this I plan on doing some white highlights on the spirits and then a few more shades of green wash
Thats it for the big guy right now.  After the final coats of wash dry I plan on hitting up his armor next.